Making a Will

Will Aid - Everyone's a beneficiary

Why make a Will?

Making a legally valid Will is the only way to be sure that, in the event of your death, your money and possessions go to the people and causes you care about. If you do not make a Will, those you leave behind may suffer the distress of coping with legal complications as well as losing a loved one.

Many married people believe that their possessions would automatically go to their partner.  Without a Will, though, that is not necessarily the case.  And if they are not married, their partner could receive nothing.

How to write a Will through Will Aid

1. Choose a solicitor
Choose a solicitor from the list of Local Participating Solicitors and contact them directly to make an appointment.  

2. Plan your Will
Use our Will Planner to prepare for your meeting. The Jargon Buster explains some legal terms you might need to know.

3. Leave a gift to charity in your Will
Have you considered leaving a gift in your will? Make sure your legacy lives on not just in the memories of your friends and family, but through the charitable work your gift will aid. 

Gifts in Wills are an incredibly important source of income for charities. Age UK gets 50% of its voluntary income from gifts in Wills alone. Also if your estate is liable to inheritance tax, your donation to charity will be 100% tax-free. 

4. Meet your solicitor
Use the Will Planner to give your instructions to your solicitor. They will then advise how to word a basic Will. If you need additional services, such as advice on tax planning or an Executor for your Will, your solicitor will inform you of the costs of this additional work and you can decide whether you wish to proceed.

5. Consider your donation 
Your solicitor will waive their normal fee for writing your basic will or pair of mirror wills and invite you to make a voluntary donation to Will Aid instead. You can make a cheque out to Will Aid and give it to your solicitor to pass on to us, or donate safely online. The suggested voluntary donation is £100 for a single Will or £180 for a pair of mirror Wills.

6. Approve your Will 
Your solicitor will send you the Will to approve and any changes can be made at this point. Once you are happy with the document, you will need to sign it in the presence of two witnesses.

7. Keep it safe!
Your Will should be kept safely at home or your solicitor may offer to hold it in their strong room.  Don't forget to tell your family where it is.  Will Aid clients can register their Will for FREE with the Certainty National Wills Register (usual cost £25 plus VAT per Will). This ensures that when the time comes, your beneficiaries can find out where your Will has been kept. For more information and to register a Will, visit