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Building new homes in Haiti
After 4 years in temporary shelter, a family is re-housed in Haiti

SCIAF works in partnership with some of the world's poorest communities, giving people a hand up, not a hand out.

We work to ensure that some of the world's poorest people can free themselves from poverty, for good, by providing tools, training and support so they can grow enough food to provide for their families, not only for today but for tomorrow and for many years to come.

In 2013, we received over £850,000 from legacy gifts. This level of generosity means we can continue working towards our vision of a world in which all people, especially the poor and oppressed, have the opportunity to live life and live it to the full.

In 2014, we will work together with our partners in 16 countries in Africa, Adsia and Latin America to build a just world for all. We, our supporters, young people, Catholic parishes and campaigners, will continue to stand in solidarity and work in partnership with some of the world'sd poorest people.

Together we will make a lasting difference.


If you would like any further information on leaving a gift in your will to SCIAF please get in touch with Ann Ward, on 0141 354 5555, email award@sciaf.org.uk or visit our website www.sciaf.org.uk/wills

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Proud key holders ready to move in

Keys to the Future

The earthquake in Haiti four years ago devastated millions of homes, leaving many communities unable to feed or house themselves.

Yvon Elcin, 45, is a farmer. He lives with his wife, Lucia, 38, who is a shop assistant. They have three children aged 17, 15 and 2 years old. The family have survived in makeshift accomodation until late 2013.

With SCIAF's help, new houses have been built by the community that are earthquake-resistant and have built in rainwater collection systems.

Yvon Elcin said: "Thank you. Now I have the keys to my house. I was in need of a comfortable home. Now I feel fine. Before I lived in a temporary shelter and now I live in a really comfortable home and I thank God."