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NSPCC intervened to protect this little girl from neglect.

The NSPCC leads the fight against child abuse in the UK. We will do so until it ends and all children are safe from harm.

We know that around one in five children has been severely abused or neglected in childhood - that's nearly one million children.

Our services have protected millions of children from abuse and neglect, while our lobbying and public education campaigns have shielded countless more from cruelty. Tragically, abuse and neglect are still commonplace and there is a continuing need for our services. 

In 2014, we'll be working with thousands of children and their families in 40 NSPCC Service Centres across the UK, offering a range of programmes both treating the effects of abuse, as well as preventing abuse form occurring in the first place. These include our therapeutic services for children who havbe been sexually abused and parenting programmes for vulnerable first -time parents.

Gifts kindly left to us in supporters’ wills help us to continue our vital work. After you’ve taken care of your loved ones, a small percentage of whatever’s left could be enough to transform a child’s life.

If you would like to learn more about remembering the NSPCC in your will, please do get in touch with our gifts in wills team on 020 7825 2939, visit www.nspcc.org.uk/giftsinwills or email us at legacyinfo@nspcc.org.uk.

Photo Credit: Jon Challicom Kelly (posed by model)

Kelly's story

I had just started High School and a man who lived nearby was sexually abusing me. He threatened to hurt my family if I told anyone about it, so I told no-one.

Then I saw an advert for ChildLine and thought maybe I could speak to someone there who wouldn't tell anyone. So it felt safe.

After a year or so, my family moved away and so the abuse stopped. But the pain didn't.

Once I felt so bad, I was going to take an overdose of tablets, but instead I called ChildLine and didn't do it. I told the counsellor what was going on and she convinced me to throw away the tablets. I'm sure that if it wasn't for ChildLine, I would have died.

They told me not to blame myself for the abuse - that it wasn't my fault. This meant a lot to me because I had blamed myself.

ChildLine kept me alive when I couldn't fight anymore and gave me kindness, support and hope.

* Names and other identifying features have been changed to protect the family’s identity