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Join us to help charity this November

Are you interested in using your legal skills for good causes? In November 2013, around 1,500 UK solicitors took part in Will Aid, helping nethousands of new clients write wills and raising an expected  £2 million for charity.  Better still, 85% of participating solicitors reported that joining Will Aid gained them fee-earning business, as well as positive local publicity*.

* Will Aid survey of participating solicitors. Of 150 respondents 85% had gained fee-earning business.

Antoinette Powell/Christian Aid
Antoinette Powell/Christian Aid

What is Will Aid?

Will Aid is simple. You waive your fee for writing a basic Will – instead you invite your client to make a similar donation to the Will Aid charities.

Why should I take part?

In brief: the feel-good factor of supporting good causes, plus the opportunity to promote your practice and meet new clients.

David Stephenson/Trócaire
David Stephenson/Trócaire

Who benefits from Will Aid?

Will Aid’s partners are nine leading UK charities who transform the lives of vulnerable people at home and around the world.

What do I need to do?

Just sign up! You can commit as much or as little time as you wish and we’ll supply everything you need, including a range of publicity material.

Will Aid worked for me

"Chenery Maher take part in the Will Aid scheme for business & personal reasons: we see people who would not otherwise have instructed us, who we hope will become clients in the future. Partners and staff alike get a warm glow from knowing we have helped make a difference to the plight of people less fortunate than ourselves."

- Carol Maher & Irene Chenery, Chenery Maher & Co, Lancashire