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Donate your time and skills to Will Aid, a scheme just for UK-based solicitors, and be part of something great.
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Help others, help yourself.

It feels good to help others. And with Will Aid you can also meet potential new clients, market your practice, and promote the legal profession locally and nationally.

Best of all it's easy. You can commit as much time as you want and we'll support your Will Aid campaign with behind the scenes help and free publicity.

A beautifully simple idea.

This November, you write basic Wills for clients introduced by Will Aid. Then, instead of paying you a fee, they are invited to make a donation to Will Aid. The suggested voluntary donation is £95 for a single basic Will or £150 for a pair of mirror Wills. We then share the donations between nine much-loved charities.
With Will Aid everyone benefits. Will makers get a professional Will. Popular charities benefit directly from the donations and solicitors like you gain new client relationships. Last year 1,500 solicitors practices helped 24,000 new clients write their Wills.

Join hundreds of happy firms.

Will Aid is a well-promoted scheme that gets lots of positive local and national media attention—and that can only be good for your business.

Day to day, we take on most of the admin so all you have to do is focus on your new clients. It's easy to take part and the rewards can be huge.


Thank you for your interest in becoming a Will Aid participating solicitor. Just complete the form below and we will confirm your registration and send you all the information to participate in the scheme.

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