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Since being founded in 1988, Will Aid has enabled legal firms to raise over £17 million for nine of the UK’s favourite charities. At the same time, the campaign has encouraged and helped thousands of people to write their Will.

The more publicity Will Aid receives, the more funds will be raised and the more families will be spared the distress of coping with legal complications as well as losing a loved one. With the help of the media, we hope to raise even more than 2014's total of over £1.7 million. To see Will Aid press releases, please follow this press releases link.

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Will Aid worked for me

"Chenery Maher take part in the Will Aid scheme for business & personal reasons: we see people who would not otherwise have instructed us, who we hope will become clients in the future. Partners and staff alike get a warm glow from knowing we have helped make a difference to the plight of people less fortunate than ourselves."

- Carol Maher & Irene Chenery, Chenery Maher & Co, Lancashire

Will Aid worked for me

"I realise that if I’d made my Will myself it wouldn’t have been good enough and I’m glad we did it professionally. The solicitor helped us think through the implications and preparations for our child’s best interests. There are so many things to consider, so having the professional advice was very useful indeed."

- Rebekah Webb